Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life in Adelaide (Part 2~)

Time is really flying. I have just completed one sem and my final sem in Adelaide is coming soon. I reckon I am really going to miss here. I have done something over here where i would never think of doing it in my life. Those things are walking to Coles from my house with friends and housemates in the middle of night as an "exercise". Secondly, walked back from City to Magill (My house) with friends, which would take approximately 15 minutes of driving distance, which in turn took us about nearly 2 hours (1 hour 40 minutes if not mistaken) of walking distance. Anyway, i think this is really a breakthrough for me. Sometimes it is good to explore around and not to restrict ourselves in a "box". The other thing which i am glad about myself is that i m able to cook some new dishes and have gained some new cooking experiences which would be definitely helpful for me in the future.

Recently get to watch Hancock, Narnia and Kung Fu Panda. I love one of the quotes in Kung Fu panda, it did inspire me. It reminds me that Faith is very important as something would seem to be special if we believe that it is special. One's belief is crucial in influencing how the things turn out as it affects how we perceive the thing. I am working on it now, working hard to eliminate my "distorted" belief currently. Really need a strong willpower mannn....Don't understand why, the feelings of loneliness suddenly struck me recently again. Just wondering why we will tend to go after something which we have not own, but sometimes will tend to neglect something good which we have already owned. At this stage, I have something which i am really looking forward to as i have not really truly experience it for the whole of my 20 years of life. According to Erikson's psychosocial stages, i believe that i am currently at the stage of intimacy vs isolation. As so far i hv not been in any relationship nor have the reciprocal liking from the one I like, I feel a sense of loneliness within myself. I know this kind of feelings is going to bother me till i really so fortunate to receive reciprocal liking one day. Why am i always fall for someone who would never like me or have very low possibility of reciprocate my likes towards them??? This question has been bothered me for long. Is time to get rid of it now, will try hard no matter how hard it could be. It is really an unbearable feeling for me. Now, i would put no expectation in this matter, therefore i guess i would not have disappointment in this matter....Grace, don't think about it..Stop thinking about getting into relationshipsss now...Let's focus on the issues which I should focus on...I can do it^_6

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Falling Sick~~

Wow, it has been a month i haven't update my blog. Is time for me to update. Have been having sore throat since yesterday, thought it would become better today. Yet, it has become worse, as i started to have flu since this morning. The good thing is that my sore throat is getting better. At first, plan of finish all the readings for my essay by today, then can start writing by tomorrow. Nevertheless, now have to postpone my plan as i don't have the energy and mood to do it. Anyway, there is one thing which i really feel delighted about. I really thanks God for his protections and cares over me. Whenever the thoughts of nobody cares for me and feelings of isolation started to invade me, God will always use different alternatives to remind me that people do care for me indeed. Like today, my lovely housemate, Peggy knew that i am having flu, she made a honey lemon juice for me. Even though it is just a glass of juice, but i really feel touched by it and feel the warmth. Besides that, after dinner, the other housemate of mine, Jon sern also gave me some sort of drinks plus some traditional medicine to cure my sore throat when he knew about it. There are also some other friends who send their regards to me once they know that i am falling sick. Thank you guys ^_^

Their act reminds me of what my previous housemates back in Kl did on me. That time i was having severe headache during my exam as i couldn't sleep the night before the exam and have been stressed up, while none of my friends seem like concerned about it during that time. But i guess may be they were too busy with revisions. So, is not really their faults. However, i was feeling so down that time. Fortunately, my housemate, Chia wen awared of it. Then, she boiled crysanthemum tea for me and even take good care of me. Then, at night, i have fully recovered and was able to revise on my exam for the next day. At that moment, i really appreciate her and feel touched; without her, i might not be able to do well in my exam the next day. Therefore, from all of these incidents, i really thanks God for his blessings. Thank You God for blessing me these bunch of good friends around me ^_^

Here's both of my housemates, Jon and Peggy Chia wen and Me
Peggy and me

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Comparison between life in Malaysia and Australia~~

What I miss about Malaysia:
  1. Yummy and cheap food
  2. Cheaper stuffs so that i do not have to be thrifting as i have to in Aus..if not converting, is fine, when convert, really headache lo..hehe - eg, if in malaysia, sure will get the best brand for that particular food product, while in aus, always aim for those cheaper brand...hehe
  3. Driving!!!! I miss my car...the most frequent transport i take in aus is the bus, tram and bus no 11. haha..
  4. My lovely home which consists of my dearest family
  5. My dear friends
  6. A lot of them~~~

Reasons for I enjoy my study life in Australia:

  1. broaden my experiences and help me to gain insights about studying in another culture
  2. nice environment (for me, it is like a haven of peace and tranquility, My campus and the apartment are located at the suburbs, so i feel that i am so close to the nature. everyday can listen to the bird chirpings and is freshed with rejuvenating air...)
  3. more freedom, i do not have curfew over here..(p/s: back in malaysia, my dad sets a curfew which i hv to be home before 11pm, anyway, i am still an obedient daughter, hehe:p)
  4. more flexible class schedule compare to previous studies: i only have class from wed to fri (Wed: 12-2pm, 4-5pm, Thurs: 9-1pm, Fri: 9-12pm, 2-4pm) happy mann...then the rest of the days i can have fun...outings with friends will usually be held on weekend,then my church activities also will be on weekend, so life in weekend is quite content for me..hehe.
  5. is able to explore around the city and some attractions in adelaide..i love outings~~~^_^
  6. A lot more....

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Is 12.17am right now, still preparing for my forensic psychology lecture tmr...lots of readings - electronic journal of 45 PAGES, textbook and another book...don't plan to study the other book after reading the ant-like words in the electronic journal, while the textbook is so much more comfortable to read when compared to the journal...hehe..overall, the health psychology class today is quite alright, i love the practical as it won't take that long and today we watched an educational video on night shift workers. I love watching movie...hehe....anyway, don't know why a sense of sadness suddenly hits me out of sudden, is that because didn't manage to chat with someone whom i used to chat usually???don't really know the reason behind.....recently actually found that chatting has a boosting effect on my mood as yesterday actually felt quite down in the middle of night, but suddenly felt so much better right after chatting and having video cam through skype with some friends...really misss my dear friends and family in Malaysia.....anyway..shall get rid of my emo thoughts now and continue with my readings...Gambateh, Grace Gan, You can overcome it!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Autumn is here~~ glad that finally autumn is here as i can get rid of the hot spell here...The UV here is so strong that within 1 month here, i hv getting so much darker than before...and it has even promoted a new habit on me, apply sunscreen lotion on hands before i go out every far life over here is quite alright, have attended three church service so far...really thanks God for His arrangement on getting people to fetch me to church..appreciate Him and wing sun who always fetch me to church service in the city...for me, i really like this sem as i only have 3 days of class per week which is from wed to fri, so i would have few days consecutively to finish up my assignments or have fun!!! hehe...anyway..really feel that time is flying fast....just realized that i have been here for almost a month...So soon that i wil be back to Malaysia dear homeland ^_^ (ps: Attached photo is the photo taken during city outing with my church friends)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Northern Lights (festival of Arts in Adelaide)

The lightings and patterns will keep on changing within a fixed period of time...those lightings are really amazing and cool...the lightings will start at every night 9pm till 2 am ..if not mistaken, it will be going on till the

end of this a must-watched attraction for this month in Adelaide^_^